Welcome to the Grayslake Climate Change Action Group

How we do what we do:

  • Meet monthly to share ideas and passion with our other members
  • Attend external meetings together (e.g. village board meetings, business owner discussions, school board meetings, etc)
  • Create written resources which can be used to:
    • Influence our own environment (impact: self)
    • Influence our neighbor’s (impact: low)
    • Influence businesses (impact: medium)
    • Influence policies (impact: high)
  • Create resources which can be used to educate and convince:
    • Ourselves
    • Neighbors
    • Businesses
    • Politicians (local governments, etc)
  • Resources include:
    • Pamphlets
    • Articles (or links to articles written by others)
    • Examples of other people, neighborhoods, businesses, governments making similar changes