Contributing to this website

Goals for the content on this wiki

  • Perfection is the enemy of good - We strive to write down & share content before it's "perfect" because we don't want to wait until the content is "perfect" before we put it out for the group to see
  • Public is better than private - We want our findings/references/etc to be available for all to see. Unless there's a specific need, do your work in the public whenever possible. This makes it possible for others to follow our path more easily

How to contribute

  • Attend a monthly meeting, and request an account for editing
  • Make changes/contributions

Example Resource Structure

Example Structure

  • We strive to have a common structure to our resources, to make them more useful
  • 1-page pamphlet structure (printable)
  • Long-form structure, with links to supporting information
    • Includes examples, testimonials, etc
  • Should include relevant pictures/graphics to make them more appealing
  • Each guide should stand on its own, though can be related to others
    • We don’t want a tree structure, we want a flat structure with possible categories for joining together
  • Relative Impact
    • Gauge which describes the impact of action
    • Who will be impacted
    • How will they be impacted
  • Financial Cost:
    • Approximately how much cost this action will be
    • Who is going to pay this cost
    • Other considerations
  • Supporting links/documents
    • We want to link to reputable sources for further support of opinions/perspectives