Monthly Meetings

We meet monthly in order to exchange ideas, and to encourage each other to act upon their ideas to go out and act upon their ideas.



Over the past meetings, those of us who have attended and shared ideas have given ideas on how to make the group more effective.


Meeting References:

Our meeting goals are:

  • Increase our effectiveness by increasing the appeal of the group
  • Increase the effectiveness by focusing on non-individual actions: Act in ways that can convince others to make changes.


In our most recent meeting, we reviewed:

  • This will be a re-focusing meeting for the Grayslake Climate Action Group.
  • The new site which we plan on using to support our efforts to provide guides and support for how to effect change

  • Upcoming meetings that could benefit from attendance from community members


Notes from Past meetings

Some of the topics that came up during the meeting were:

  • Green Corridors - linking between green spaces, and the preservation and re-wilding of spaces.
  • The impacts of Food consumption on the environment. Meat/non-meat, food choices, local sourcing, etc.
  • Grass vs clover in yards.
  • Community Solar, and power-from-solar
  • Wants to know if the food businesses in Grayslake participate in any sort of corporate composting. What are their options? Costs/ etc.
  • Talked about the process of eliminating fossil fuels from a residence (slowly converting appliances as their need replacement). E.g. Water heater, Car, Fireplace, etc.
    • An interest in Earthship-style housing.