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Lawn Care (mower, trimmer, blower)/Snow Blower

The impact of small engines on our health and the environment should be considered.

According to the EPA, a gasoline powered lawn mower hour-for-hour puts out 11 times the pollution of a new gasoline car.


Trimmers and leaf blowers also use similarly inefficient engines.


All of these small engines are not only polluting the air, but also very loud, which can damage the hearing of the operators, as well as disrupt the enjoyment of the outdoors by residents and neighbors.

Pro: No winterization of gasoline needed

When I had a gas lawn mower, each summer I would cross my fingers and hope that the mower would start. Even when I “winterized” it with special additives, I would sometimes need to bring it in for service, costing my time and money.


Electric tools do not need that winterization. As long as you bring the batteries into the house over the winter, they should start fine in the springtime.


Pro: Storage flexibility

Another benefit of electric tools, is that you have more flexibility in how you store them. You can fold up the mower, and store it on the wall (because there is no oil/gas which can spill). They are also lighter equipment, making it easier to store in the garage/shed.


Pro: Refueling convenience

Using battery-powered (or electric-extension-cord) tools, I never need to go to the gas station to fill a jerry-can with gasoline. As long as you have enough batteries to last your gardening session, you can recharge those batteries for your next session, and be ready to go again without having to go to the gas station.


Many of the battery-powered tool brands use interchangeable batteries, so you can swap batteries out as needed to keep your gardening going.

Grass Lawn Alternatives

Grass lawns can use a lot of water and resources (fertilizer, etc) to maintain. Alternatives include desert-scaping, and clover-based green cover.

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