Individual, Community, Society Impact

As a single person, changing your behavior (what you eat, what you buy, how you travel, etc) has a small impact on the climate.

These individual actions have a larger impact when they are shared with others (friends/family) by way of encouraging other people to also make those changes, and by normalizing the changes.

An individual can have a larger impact by making changes which impact their community, by talking about climate change with their neighbors, encouraging/supporting local businesses to make changes, etc.

An individual can have an even larger impact by making changes which affect policies at the village/state level. Creating/encouraging/supporting/campaigning for policies which improve the climate at the village level make a much greater impact than any action that individual could do in their own home.


For these reasons, this group is focused on finding ways to encourage its members to act at the neighborhood/community/village level, and not focusing on the individual/house/household level.